Holiday Online Assessment Test – Junior Secondary 2-3 – Basic Science (Round 1)

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The earth's layer where ozone is located is the

A. atmosphere.
B. mesosphere
C. stratosphere
D. thermosphere
E. troposphere
A mounted hydrometer in a liquid is used to measure the liquid's

A. depth.
B. density
C. heat capacity
D. rate of flow
E. volume
According to kinetic theory of matter, the force of attraction or repulsion between the particles of a gas are

A. elastic
B. large
C. small
D. strong.
E weak
Refining of crude oil is carried out by the fol­lowing multinational companies, except

A. Agip.
B Chevron.
C. Elf.
D. Texaco.
E Total
A substance which dissolves in water to give hydrogen ion as the only positive ion is a/an

A. acid.
B. alkali
C. atom
D. base.
E. salt
A tool that allows a force applied at one point to overcome a resisting force at another point is called a/an

A. carrier.
B. gadget
C. machine
D. organ
E. uploader
The ratio of work output to work input in a machine is called

A. accuracy.
B. efficiency.
C. mechanical advantage
D. mechanical ratio
E. velocity ratio
Which of these simple machines is an example of wheel and axle?

A. bottler
C. razor blade
D. pair of scissors
E. spoon
A machine has a velocity ratio of 5 and is 80% efficient calculate its mechanical advantage.

A. 0.16
B. 1.40
C. 1.80
D. 2.00
E. 4.00
Thermal energy in liquid is transferred by

A. conduction.
B. convection.
C. radiation.
D. sublimation.
E. vaporization
Steel is produced from

A. Bessemer process.
B. Destructive distillation.
C. Fractional distillation
D. Melting.
E  Mining
Metallic oxides dissolve in water to form

A. acids
B. alkalis.
C. bases.
D. ions.
E. salts
In which state in Nigeria is copper found?

A. Benue
B. Ebonyi
C. Edo
D. Enugu
E. Ogun
The unit of density is

A. Kgm-1
B. Kg2.
C. Kgm-2.
D. Kg3
E. Kgm-3

The diagram above is an experiment to show that air

A. burns.
B. expands.
C. has mass.
D. occupies space.
E. has weight
Destructive distillation is a method used to separate the constituent of

A. bitumen.
B. coal
C. crude oil
D. petrochemical
E. petroleum
The S.1. unit of pressure is

A. gcm-2.
B. gcm-3.
C. Kgm-2.
D. Nm-2.
E. Nm-3
The ray of light that strikes an object is called

A. deviated ray
B. emergent ray.
C. incident ray
D. reflected ray
E. refracted ray
A sound of uniform vibration is called

A. echo.
B. noise
C. note
D. resonance
E. tone
An instrument used to vary the resistance in a circuit is a/an

A. ammeter
B. battery
C. galvanometer.
D. rheostat
E. voltmeter
What force does the earth use to attract objects to its centre?

A. Centrifugal
B. Centripetal
C. Frictional
D. Gravitational
E. Nuclear
The mechanical advantage of a machine is

A. effort/distance
B. effort/load
C. load/velocity
D. effort/efficiency
E. load/effort

Which of the following is not a radioactive element?

A. Radium
B. Radon
C. Sodium
D. Thorium
E. Uranium
Which of the following objects emits beta, gamma and alpha particles?

A. Moon
B. Radium
C. Rubidium
D. Stars
E. Sun
NaOH + HCI → NaCI + H2O
base       acid      salt     water

The reaction represented by the above equation is

A. acidification
B. concentrated
C. endothermic
D. exothermic
E. neutralization
Ascorbic acid is found in

A. grape
B. lemon
C. milk
D. orange.
E. vegetable
The molecules in a gas are

A. close together and revolving at random
B. close together and stationary
C. close together and vibrating
D. far apart and moving at random
E. far apart and stationary
The gas that is liberated when metal react with dilute acid is

A. carbon(iv)oxide.
B. helium.
C. hydrogen
D. nitrogen
E. oxygen

Iron articles are often coated with paint to pre­vent

A. burning
B. electroplating.
C. galvanizing
D. greasing
E. rusting
A screw is an example of

A. axle
B. inclined plane
C. lever
D. pulley system
E. wedge
Which of these animals give birth to its young ones alive?

A. Lizard
B. Pigeon
C. Rat
D. Tilapia
E. Toad
Herbivorous animals feed on

A. decayed matter.
B. flesh only.
C. plants only.
D plant and animal
E. sewage materials
Refuse comprises the following materials, except

A. broken furniture
B. empty can.
C. human feaces
D. kitchen wastes.
E waste papers
The respiratory organ in plant is the

A. bud.
B. flower
C. stem
D. stomata
E. shoot
Which part of the body is pinna located?

A. Ear
B. Head
C. Mouth
D. Neck
E. Nose

Undigested food are removed from the body by

A. circulation
B. egestion
C. excretion
D. perspiration
E. respiration
Which of the following structure absorbs digested food materials?

A. Artery
B. Capillary
C. Rectum
D. Vein
E. Villium
The vitamin for bone formation is

A. A
B. B
C. D
D. E
E. K
The part of the brain that controls reasoning and intelligence in man is the

A. fore brain
B. head
C. hind brain
D. mid brain
E medulla oblongata
Which of the following is not an intelligence skill in man?

A. Communication
B. Inference
C. Inquisitiveness
D. Measurement
E. Observation

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