Holiday Online Assessment Test – Junior Secondary 2-3 – Business Studies (Round 1)

Welcome to your Holiday Online Assessment Test JS 2-3 - Business Studies (1st Round)

The most suitable means of transporting petrol is by

A. air
B. pipeline
C. rail
D. road
E. water.
The following items are entered on the debit side of a trial balance, except

A. cash
B. creditors.
C. debtors
D. loan.
E. purchases
Which of the following is not a function of a clerical staff?

A. Filing of documents
B. Forwarding outgoing mails
C. Keeping wages and account records
D Sorting and collating documents
E. Writing of annual financial reports
The service provided by the post office for clients who want their letters or parcels to arrive at the required destination within a day or two is called

A. express letters.
B. Money Order
C. postal order.
D. redelivery of letters
E. registered letters
Trial balance is based on ______ entry system.

A. accounting
B. credit
C. debit
D. double
E. Single
The following are functions performed in office except_______ information.

A. giving
B. preventing
C. processing
D. receiving
E. recording
The book of account that is a prime book as well as a ledger is_________book.

A. cash
B. purchases day
C. returns inward
D. returns outward
E. sales day
Service as an occupation is provided by the following people, except

A. doctor
B. fisherman
C. lawyer.
D. tailor
E. teacher
The following are job attributes of a clerk, except

A. loyalty
B. neatness
C. politeness.
D. punctuality.
E. tact
The maximum number of people required to form a private limited liability company is

A. 2.
B. 7
C. 10.
D. 20
E. 50.
A transaction affecting both the cash and bank column of the cash book is __ entry

A. contra
B. control
C. credit
D. debit
E. double
A principal's office is a good example of a __ office.

A. departmental
B. large
C. sales
D. small
E. ticket
A book of account for recording receipts and payments is called

A. cash book
B. invoice note.
C. ledger account
D. quotation
E. voucher
The place in an organization where a visitor receives information about the person he wants to visit is called___________ room.

A. guest
B. information
C. reception
D. strong
E. visitors'
The end point n the channel of distribution of goods is

A. consumer
B. manufacturer.
C. middlemen.
D. retailer
E. wholesaler
Which of the following is an acknowledgement of payment?

A. Cash
B. Cheque
C. Draft
D. Order
E. Receipt
Which of these is used to produce the exact copy of a document?

A. Collator
B. Duplicator
C. Perforator
D. Photocopier
E. Typewriter
Mr. Kuta B. opened an account with a bank in Minna and was able to withdraw his money from bank's branch in Lagos while on a business trip. This was made possible through _________ banking.

A central
B. commercial
C. electronic
D. mortgage
E. universal
A complementary card usually shows the following information, except

A. account number
B. address.
C. name
D. profession.
E. telephone number
The following are columns in two column cash book, except______

A. bank
B. cash.
C. discount.
D. folio
E. particulars
The fixed and regular payment by a client to an insurance company is called

A. interest.
B. levy
C. premium.
D. profit
E. surplus
The request slip is usually filled by the

A. manager.
B. messenger
C. receptionist
D. secretary
E. visitor
The following are examples of current assets, except

A. bank.
B. cash.
C. debtors.
D. furniture.
E. stock
The advertising medium mostly found along major roads in cities is

A. Billboard
B. leaflet.
C. magazine
D. radio
E. television
Which of these is not a duty of receptionist?

A. Analyzing data
B. Answering telephone calls
C. Handling mails
D. Keeping details of callers
E. Receiving visitors
Transactions extracted from the books of XYZ

Carriage inwards         -           N    1200
Returns Outwards        -          N     400
Sales                             -           N  10500
Purchases                     -           N   5800

What is the amount of purchases?

A N 7,000
B. N 6,600
C. N 5,800
D. N 3,900
E. N 1,200
Transactions extracted from the books of XYZ

Carriage inwards         -           N    1200
Returns Outwards        -          N     400
Sales                             -           N  10500
Purchases                     -           N   5800

What is XYZ's gross profit?

A. N 10,500
B. N 7,000
C. N 6,600
D. N 5,800
E. N 3,900
Which of these is a disadvantage of railway transport?

A. It can cover long distance.
B. Has low accident occurrence.
C. Is expensive to establish.
D. Is suitable for carrying bulky goods.
E. Works with time schedule.
An office that contains one or two persons only is called __________ office.

A. close
B. general
C. large
D. open
E. public
In trading account carriage inwards is added to

A. closing stock.
B. cost of goods sold.
C. Gross profit.
D. purchases.
E. sales
The commonest and simplest form of commu¬nication in postal services is

A. business reply system.
B. express letter
C. ordinary letter
D. parcel post.
E. registered letter
On 30th June 2008, A.A. Sambo bought goods for cash worth N20, 000 from Salam Publishers. The accounting entry will be; Debit

A. Cash account; credit purchases account.
B. Purchases account; credit Salam publisher account
C. Purchases account; credit cash account
D. Purchases account; credit Salam publishers account
E. Salam publisher account; credit Salam publisher account
The following are hardware, except

A. C.P.U
B. input device
C. monitor
D. operating system.
E. output device
A cheque that has two parallel lines drawn on it is called _______ cheque

A. blank
B. crossed
C. dishonoured
D. open
E. travellers
Another name for imprest is

A. balance.
B. cash.
C. float.
D. surplus
E. system
Profit and loss accounts prepared to show the

A. cash at bank.
B. gross profit.
C. gross purchases
D. gross sales.
E. net profit or loss
The act of giving information to the public about a product or service is called

A. advertising.
B. branding
C. communication.
D. marketing.
E. selling
These items can be regarded as petty expense, except

A. brush.
B. carpet.
C. detergent.
D. newspaper.
E. stationery
From the data below, calculate the total fixed assets.

capital                 5,000
cash in hand       1,400
stock                      300
creditor               1,600
furniture             2,000
bank                    1,200
debtor                    500
machinery        3,200

A. N 5,600
B. N 5,200
C. N 5,000
D. N 2,000
E. N 1,800
One of the advantages of co-operative society is

A. granting members the ability to solve problems beyond their individual means
B. improper planning.
C. lack of commitment on the part of elected officials
D. long decision making process
E. poor management of the society's resources

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