Holiday Online Assessment Test – Junior Secondary 2-3 – Civic Education (Round 1)

Welcome to your Holiday Online Assessment Test JS 2-3 - Civic Education (1st Round)

All these are examples of self-employment projects, except

A. carpentry.
B. shoe making.
C. tailoring
D. teaching.
E. poultry and livestock rearing
Which of the following is an attribute of a bad citizen?

A. Hard work
B. Loyalty
C. Partiality
D. Patriotism
E. Punctuality
The new National Anthem was composed by

A. Akinwumi Ishola.
B. Benedict Elise Odiase.
C. Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin.
D. FloraNwankpa.
E. Michael Taiwo Akinkumi.
The flower plant at the bottom of the Nigerian coat of arms represents

A. fertile land.
B. gallantry and pride.
C. integrity and dignity.
D. rivers Niger and Benue.
E. beauty of Nigeria.
What is the highest rank in the Nigerian police hierarchy?

A. Assistant Inspector General (AIG)
B. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP)
C. Chief Superintendent of police (CSP)
D. Deputy Inspector General (DIG)
E. Inspector General of police (IGP)
Which of the following is not a human rights abuse?

A. Access to decent shelter, education and health facilities
B. Denial of press freedom
C. Imprisonment without fair hearing and trial
D. Making of laws to punish opponents
E. Prevention from voting and being voted for at elections
The following are effects of human rights abuse on individual and society, except

A. disunity.
B. lawlessness.
C. obedience.
D. retrogression.
E. starvation
The main objective behind the establishment of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is to promote

A. cultural heritage.
B. national defence.
C. national disintegration.
D. national unity.
E. social responsibility.
Which of the following is not a benefit of rule of law?

A. Brings economic, social and political development.
B. Gives the country good image abroad.
C. Promotes national unity.
D. Protects the equity of all citizens before the law.
E. It promotes illicit trading
The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) was established to fight

A. consumption and sales of hard drugs.
B. corrupt leaders.
C. human trafficking.
D. national insecurity.
E. vandalisation of public property
Who established the National Youth Service Corps?

A. Aguiyi Ironsi
B. Muhammadu Buhari
C. Murtala Muhammed
D. Olusegun Obasanjo
E. Yakubu Gowon
Which of the following is not a feature of Clifford Constitution of 1922?

A. Provision for the executive and the legislative council
B. Provision of an executive council which were all British officials
C. The legislative council was made-up of 46 members.
D. It introduced unofficial majority into legislative council.
E. Twenty -seven (27) officials nominated by the Governor General
All these are factors that promote good value system, except

A. consistency.
B. fairness.
C. selfishness.
D. tolerance.
E. trustworthiness
The acceptable behavior of a given society is called

A. duties.
B. obligations.
C. responsibility.
D. right.
E. values
The following are elements of indiscipline in our society, except

A. bankers who commit fraud.
B. leaders who love wealth.
C. policemen who assist criminals.
D. politicians who make good laws.
E. teachers who assist students during examination
The state of being trustworthy is an element of

A. co-operation.
B. honesty.
C. humility.
D. kindness.
E. selfishness
The act of being honest and morally upright consistently is referred to as

A. commitment
B. contentment
C. fairness.
D. integrity.
E. tolerance.
In which year was the present National Anthem adopted?

C. 1977
The following are the advantages of co-operation in the society, except

A. causing misunderstanding and rivalry.
8. making people to live together in harmony.
C. peaceful co-existence in the society.
D. promoting good neighbourliness.
E. promoting assistance among members
The following are effects of dishonesty except

A. lost of respect.
B. praise.
C. punishment.
D. regret.
E. shame
Which of these define moral courage?

A. Choose to do what is right
B. Exercise one spiritual energy
C. Make decision to live according to one’s conviction.
D. Opt to do the unworthy act.
E. Use of force to get things done
Which of the following institutions has the responsibility of managing disaster?

A. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
B. Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Crimes Commission (ICPC)
C. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)
D. National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)
E. Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)
A situation where one has no legal means of earning a living is called

A. employment.
B. self-employment.
C. self-fulfillment.
D. self-reliance.
E. unemployment
A social situation where one cares more for himself than others is known as

A. conscientious.
B. conspiracy.
C. greediness.
D. selfishness.
E. selflessness
Which of the following is not a reason for being self-reliant?

A. Assist oneself economically
B. Avoidance of being a burden to others
C. Become a liability to the family
D. Make life easier for members of the family
E. Self-fulfillment
Which of these is not a benefit of good values in the society?

A. Co-operation
B. Harmony
C. Progress
D. Quarrelsome
E. Unity
Which of these is not a positive element o values?

A. Contentment
B. Courage
C. Discipline
D. Greediness
E. Integrity
All of these are attributes of self-reliance except, it

A. helps in the development of the society.
B. helps to discover one’s talents.
C. promotes independence.
D. promotes laziness.
E. promotes self-confidence
Which of these is not a consequence of lad of contentment?

A. Cheating
B. Corruption
C. Good leadership
D. Prostitution
E. Theft
One of these is not an attribute of co-operation.

A. Caring
B. Cheating
C. Sharing
D. Supporting
E. Tolerating
Which of these colours best represents the traffic light?

A. Amber, green, red
B. Amber, green, white
C. Green, red, yellow
D. Red, white, yellow
E. Yellow, green, red
The geo-political zone in Nigeria that is challenged with insurgency is

A. North - Central.
B. North - East.
C. North - West.
D. South - East
E. South - West
Which of the following institutions is not remunerated by the Government?

A. Boy Scout.
B. Defence Intelligence Agency.
C. Nigeria Army
D. Nigeria Police
E. State Security Service
Lack of security can lead to the following, except

A. anxiety
B. danger.
C. fear.
D. peace.
E. oppression
What is the significance of zebra crossing on our roads?

A. Indicates the stopping point on the road for security checks
B. Indicates where pedestrians can safely cross the road
C. Informs road users that they are approaching sharp bends
D. Prepares road users for a change in the direction
E. Shows the diversion of the road
What is the full meaning of NDLEA?

A. Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency.
B. Nigeria Drug Law Extension Agency.
C. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.
D. National Drug Law Exchange Agency.
E. National Drug Law Extension Agency
A good citizen should be associated with the following, except

A. crimes
B. law-abiding
C. patriotism
D. supply vital information to security agencies.
E. vigilant
The green colour of the traffic light indicates

A. bad spot.
B. go.
C. get ready.
D. safe journey.
E. stop
The following are causes of road accidents, except

A. bad road.
B. ignorance.
C. over-speeding.
D. maintenance of vehicle.
E. under-aged drivers
The institution that regulates road users’ conduct is known as

A. Federal Road Safety Corps.
B. Nigerian Army.
C. Nigerian Police.
D. Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps.
E. State Security Service.

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