Holiday Online Assessment Test – Junior Secondary 2-3 – Computer Studies (Round 1)

Welcome to your Holiday Online Assessment Test JS 2-3 - Computer Studies (1st Round)

Three megabytes is equal to

A. 1024KB.
B. 2024KB.
C. 3024 KB.
D. 3027K8.
E. 3072KB
Which of the following is not a programming language?

A. Fortran
B. Java
C. Microsoft Excel
D. Pascal
8 bytes is equal to _____ bits.

A. 48
B. 64
C. 124
D. 320
E. 480
The monochrome screen has _______colour

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
A microchip on a mobile phone that is connected to a particular network is known as

A. ATM card.
B. Auto card.
C. Memory card
D. SIM card.
E. Smart ID card
In order to play and hear sound on computer, one needs

A. a microphone.
B. keyboard.
C. microchip.
D. mp3
E. sound card and speaker
Computer uses _____ number system to store data and perform calculations.

A. binary
B. decimal
C. denary
D. hexadecimal
E. octal
Which of the following holds the ROM, RAM and CPU?

B. Hard Disk
C. Keyboard
D. Monitor
E. Motherboard
Which of the following is not hardware?

A. Magnetic tape
B. Monitor
C. Mouse
D. MS Word
E. Printer
Which of the following buttons is used to create a document in the file menu?

A. Close
B. New
C. Open
D Save
E. Save As
Main memory works in conjunction with

C. Intel
Computer virus is a program _____ infection.

A. bacteria
B. fungi
C. hardware
U. internet
E. software
The file extension of MS Word document is

A. .doc
B. .ext
C. jpeg
D .pdf
E. .txt
Which of these is responsible for the components of computer to function?

Which of the following represents the binary equivalent of the decimal number 130?

A. 110010
B. 1000010
C. 10010011
D. 10000010
E. 10000011
Who is considered to be the father of computer?

A. Bill Gates
B. Charles Babbage
C. Isaac Newton
D. Lawrence David
E. Steve Jobs
Which button reloads a web page?

A. Ctrl
B. Redo
C Refresh
D. Reload
E. Restore
Which of the following connects personal computers within a single building?

The set of processed data is called

A. communication.
B. database.
C. data storage.
D. information.
E. processing
The abbreviation KB in computer language usually means

A. Keyboard
B. kilo batch
C. Kilo bit
D. Kilo bus
E. Kilo byte
Which of the following can he used to select the entire document?

A. Alt+F5
B. CtrI+A
C. Ctrl+H
D. Ctrl+K
E. Shift+A
DNS in internet technology stands for

A. Distributed Name System.
B. Domain Name System.
C. Dotted Name Software
D. Dynamic Name System.
E. Dynamic Number System
The Microsoft ______ is an example of operating system.

A. access
B. excel
C. prompt
D. windows
E. word
Which of these is the first general purpose electronic computer?

The error detected by a computer is called ______ error.

A. debug
B. internet
C. logical
D. semantic
E. syntax
The second generation of computers were built with

A. chips.
B. integrated circuit.
C. silicon.
D. transistors.
E. vacuum tubes
The main cause of virus attack is ______ in a computer system.

A data bank
B. program loading
C. software development
D. software piracy
E. windows XP
Which of these is not an importance of internet to the people?

A. e-commerce
B. e-friends
C. e-housing
D. e-mail
E. e-library
Which of these is not a feature in the paint environment?

A. Auto wizard
B. Colour palette
C. Menu bar
D. Printable area
E. Tool bar
Which of the following is not considered when taking computer system for a journey?

A. Battery life
B. Cost of it
C. Effective usage
D. Memory capacity
E. Portability
The keyboard has ______ numbers of arrow keys.

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
E. 6
In word processing, the movement of insertion point without any adjustment to the next line when the current line is full is called

A. autocomplete.
B. autopush.
C. word current.
D. word push.
E. word wrap
The acronym SIM simply means

A. subscribe interchange modem.
B. subscribe international module.
C. subscriber identity module.
D. system identity module.
E. system identity modem
The computer network arrangement is described by

A. domain name system.
B. global positioning system.
C. token.
D. topology.
E. uniform resource locator
Which of the following may lead to online bullying?

A. Chatting with people
B. Exchange of personnel details
C. Making friends on internet
D Reading newspaper
E. Seeking information
The _______ number system is used for everyday arithmetic.

A. binary
B. decimal
C. hexadecimal
D. octal.
E. roman
The benefits of new technology include the following, except

A it creates new jobs.
B. it requires low capital to start businesses.
C. the profit is high.
D. the profit is low.
E. there is unity among the nations
Which of the following is a true statement?

A. CD-ROM is not a storage medium.
B. Micro-computers use unix as operating system.
C. Mainframe computer is the smallest type of computer
D The contents of CD-ROM are temporary
E. Webcam is an output device
Pick out the odd one.

A. Assembler
B. Compiler
C. Interpreter
D. Printer E. Translator
The word ‘Assistant’ refers to a/an ______ in computer operation.

A. animated character that provides help and suggestion
B. application that allows you to take notes and save them
C. collection of frequently misspelled words in a dictionary file
D. icon on the menu bar that executes the print command
E. icon on the standard toolbar that executes the print command that executes the print command

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