Holiday Online Assessment Test – Junior Secondary 2-3 – Home Economics (Round 1)

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Which of these is not a disease of the skin?

A. Dandruff
B. Eczema
C. Pimple
D. Ringworm
E. Scabies
Which of the following is not an advantage of good posture?

A. Encourages backaches and tiredness
B. Enhances appearance
C. Gives a relaxed feeling to the body
D. Gives dignity and self-confidence
E. Makes clothes fit better
Which of these is good standing posture?

A. Hold the shoulder back without strain
B. Place weight on one leg
C. Stand firm on the foot
D. Stand with head down
E. Tuck in your abdomen
The following are effects of fatigue on human beings, except

A. causes happiness in persons
B. causes irritation in persons
C. makes a person dull
D. makes one sluggish and sleepy
E. prevents a person from doing work
Which of the following causes HIV/AIDS in human being?

A. Bacteria
B. Bedbug
C. Fungi
D. Mosquitoes
E. Virus
The liquid between cornea and the lens in the structure of the eye is known as

A. aqueous humour
B. eye lid
C. iris
D. retina
E. vitreous humour
The knowledge of chemistry in Home Economics helps to understand the

A. calculations and determination of quantities
B. digestion of food in the canal
C. effects of heat on food nutrients
D. working of electricity in homes
E. working of the refrigerator
Home Economics is a field of study that teaches how to manage ourselves and

A. career
B. clothing
C. education
D. household
E. nutrition
Which area in Home Economics deals with wise decisions when buying goods?

A. Child development
B. Consumer education
C. Family living
D. Foods and nutrition
E. Housing and interior decoration
The sensitive spot where image is formed in the eye is known as

A. eyelid
B. iris
C. lens
D. retina
E. yellow spot
The tooth is divided into three major parts known as

A. crown, neck, root
B. gum, crown, root
C. cement, enamel, gum
D. root, cement, neck
E. root, dentine, enamel
A hard substance which covers the crown of the tooth is called

A. cement
B. dentine
C. enamel
D. gum
E. jaw bone
Which of these sensory organs helps to maintain body balance?

A. Ear
B. Eye
C. Nose
D. Skin
E. Tooth
Breast milk provides a baby with the following, except

A. a balanced diet
B. antibodies
C. digestible food
D. expensive food
E. food at right temperature
Mental development of a growing child is described by the following abilities, except

A. follow moving objects with his eyes
B. increase in birth weight and walk
C. make distinguishable sounds -
D. recognize constant members of family
E. smile and show excitement
Ante-natal care is important for the following reasons, except to

A. examine baby’s weight
B. examine foetal development
C. monitor health during pregnancy
D. prepare mother for childbirth
E. teach mother proper nutrition and hygiene
Dizziness, tender breast and nausea are early signs of

A. labour
B. menstruation
C. obesity
D. ovulation
E. pregnancy
Ante-natal care given to a pregnant woman takes place at the ________ unit of the hospital.

A. dentistry
B. dermatology
C. gynecology
D. laboratory
E. paediatrics
Baby’s layette include all of the following, except

A. comb
B. napkin
C. plastic pant
D. shawl
E. vest
The immunization given to children at birth is

A. B.C.G
B. D.P.T
C. measles vaccine
D. polio vaccine
E. quadruple vaccine
Poor nutrition in a pregnant woman leads to

A. adequate nutrient absorption
B. good health
C. high blood pressure
D. improved bowel movement
E. low birth weight
The following are importance of good clothing to a baby, except

A. appearance
B. comfort
C. protection
D. show status
E. warmth
Constipation results from inadequate consumption of

A. carbohydrates
B. fibres
C minerals
D. protein
E. vitamin
The following are wise buying practices, except

A. buy wilted perishable foods at cheap price
B. consider available storage facility
C. judge value of food before buying
D. make bulk purchases
E. read labels on food containers
Another name for marriage under ordinance is _________ marriage.

A. church
B. court
C. customary
D. Islamic
E. traditional
Which of these is not considered when preparing a family budget?

A. Income
B. Needs
C. Size
D. Unity
E. Value
Which of these exercises is good for abdomen and back?

A. Cycling
B. Jumping
C. Press-up
D. Sit-up
E. Weight lifting
Which of these is a sexually transmitted disease?

A. Asthma
B. Diabetes
C. Sickle cell
D. Syphilis
E. Tuberculosis
The unit which carries hereditary factors in our body cells is called

A antibody
B. gene
C. hormone
D. ovary
E. sperm
The following are sources of income to a family, except

A. asset
B. gift
C. salary
D. tax
E. vest
A baby’s cloth is protected from soil and moisture by a

A. bib
B. bootee
C. napkin
D. shawl
E. west
Flowers and wooden ornaments are found in the

A bathroom
B. kitchen
C. sitting room
D. store
E. toilet
The cleaning agent that rubs off dirt through friction is called

A. abrasive
B. detergent
C. polish
D. solvent
E. wax
Home Economics is related to the following, except

A. Agriculture
B. Biology
C. Chemistry
D. Fine art
E. French
Vinyl tiles are fixed to the floor with suitable

A. adhesive
B. cement
C. dye
D. screw
E. starch
A disadvantage of ceramic tiled floor is that it

A. can be cold to the feet
B. can withstand acids
C. is hard wearing and durable
D. is hygienic and easy to clean
E. looks very attractive
Which of these products helps hair to maintain the desired style after drying?

A. Conditioner
B. Setting lotion
C. Shampoo
D. Spray
E. Styling mousse
The second step in laundering family clothes is

A. boiling
B. mending
C. rising
D. soaking
E. sorting
Which of the following house cleaning tools is used for collecting dirts gathered with broom?

A. Brush
B. Bucket
C. Duster
D. Dust-pan
E. Mop
Your uncle’s daughter is referred to as your

A. aunt
B. cousin
C. nephew
D. niece
E. sister

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