Holiday Online Assessment Test – Junior Secondary 2-3 – Physical and Health Education (Round 1)

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The Spartans used physical education to develop a man of

A. fame.
B. intellect.
C. peace.
D. philosophy.
E. war
One of the basic reasons for organising National Sports Festival is

A. for the interest of prominent citizens in Nigeria.
B. to bring together the youths of the Nation in a friendly atmosphere.
C. to represent Nigeria in international competition.
D. to represent the state or school in National competitions.
E. to take part of organised sports.
The following objectives can be derived from physical education, except

A. high qualities in leadership.
B. ideal religious practices.
C. maximum efficiency.
D. socially accepted qualities.
E. useful physical skills.
Basedow, Gutmuths, Ludwig, Spiess are all pioneers of physical education in

A. Africa.
B. Arabia.
C. Britain.
D. Germany.
E. Russia
Which of these countries is regarded as the home of outdoor games?

A. America
B. Great Britain
C. Greek
D. Nigeria
E. Rome
The 1996 Olympic Games took place in

A. Atlanta.
B. Mexico.
C. South Africa.
D. Spain.
E. Tokyo
Who revived the modern Olympics in the year 1896?

A. James Naismith
B. Konrad Koch
C. Lister John
D. PieITe de Courbetin
E. Stanley Mathews
Extramural competition can be defined as

A. activities done within a school at a particular time.
B. an act of attempting to gain that which another is also attempting to gain at the same time.
C. inter-house sports competitions.
D. sports competition organised within the school.
E. sports competition where two or more schools come together to compete
Which of these activities is not a game of formal organisation?

A. Ayo
B. Chess
C. Da
The following are objectives of Physical Education, except

A. development of motor and safety skills.
B. development of wise use of leisure.
C. emotional fitness.
D. intellectual development.
E. preparing for combat training
In ancient Greek, physical exercise was used to develop the following qualities in children, except

A. agility
B. bravery
C. courage.
D. endurance.
E. sportsmanship
The Olympic games holds every______years

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
E. 6
The following are factors that can enhance physical fitness, except

A. age.
B. heredity.
C. nutrition.
D. stress.
E. training
The following are benefits derived from physical fitness, except

A. ability to perform work without undue fatigue.
B. developing excess muscle
C. development of physique.
D. enough energy to meet other tasks.
E. freedom from illness.
During physical activities, the body utilises oxygen through

A. coordination.
B. endurance.
C. flexibility.
D. respiration.
E. strength
Which of the following factors does not affect athletic performance?

A. Age
B. Body size
C. injuries
D. Sex
E. Strength
The harmonious working relationship between different parts of the body is referred to as

A. balance.
B. co-ordination.
C. endurance.
D. flexibility.
E. strength
The following are measures for physical fitness test except

A. circuit training.
B. shuttle run.
C. squat thrust.
D. standing board jump.
E. standing on partner’s knee.
The following are cardinal principles of physical fitness conditioning, except

A. agility.
B. intensity.
C. motivation.
D. strength.
E. warm-up
Which of the following exercises does not develop body flexibility?

A. Chest strength
B. Low leg stretch
C. Push-up
D. Spinal stretch
E. Waist band
Which of the following is not a factor for fitness test?

A. Blood pressure
B. Cardio-respiration
C. Muscular strength
D. Power
E. Speed
Which of the following is not an ideal method of acquiring physical fitness?

A. Ball dribbling
B. Calisthenic exercises
C. Circuit training
D. Interval training
E. Weight lifting
The ability of an individual to manipulate different parts of the body during movement is called

A. agility.
B. balance.
C. flexibility.
D. power.
E. speed
The following are physiological values of physical fitness, except

A. for growth and good health.
B. improves muscle tone.
C. induce sound sleep.
D. results in weak abdominal wall.
E. waste materials are being removed faster
The following conditions describe muscular fatigue, except

A. immobility.
B. pain.
C. stress.
D. tenderness.
E. tiredness
The ability to reason, judge and make use of will power effectively denotes ______fitness.

A. emotional
B. mental
C. moral
D. physical
E. social
Cardio-vascular endurance is best described as

A. ability to move the body freely at the joints.
B. ability to perform over a long period of time without fatigue.
C. ability to work effectively against resistance force.
D. co-ordination between the eye and muscle.
E. harmonious working relationship between respiratory and circulatory system
The following are the acceptable words of command for marching, except

A. about turn.
B. forward march.
C. march time.
D. mark time.
E. right wheel
Which of the following is not an outdoor recreational activity?

A. Camping
B. Fishing
C. Hiking
D. Hunting
E. Reading
Which of these statements is not correct about safety precautions during recreation?

A. Adequate warm up exercises
B. Inspection of the equipment before use
C. Provision of adequate first aid measures
0. Provision of medical personnel
E. Use of suitable wears
The game of scrabble enables us to acquire the following qualities, except

A. counting skills.
B. mastery of the alphabets.
C. solve puzzle of words.
D. understanding vocabulary.
E. words identification
The following are values of dance in the society except

A. communication.
B. entertainment.
C. fitness.
D. protection.
E. recreation
Which of the following items may not be used for picnic?

A. Casket
B. Chair
C. Drinks
D. Radio
E. Table
Which of the following is not a recreational activity?

A. Canoeing
B. Cycling
C. Hiking
D. Swimming
E. Washing
The following are objectives of outdoor recreation, except

A. ability to solve problems.
B. education of the child.
C. leadership training.
D. religious training.
E. spirit of adventure
Which of these statements is not an advantage of rest to man?

A. Allows muscles to relax
B. Allows the body to be refreshed
C. Prevents diseases
D. Provides for tissue repair
E. Relieves tension
Which of these bodies is responsible for organising table tennis competition in Nigeria?

The following benefits are derived from care of the hair, except

A. absence from disease.
B. absorb vitamin from sunlight.
C. feel comfortable.
D. looks beautiful.
E. proper growth of hair
The following habits promote a healthy living, except

A. personal hygiene.
B. poor environmental sanitation.
C. regular exercise.
D. rest and sleep.
E. taking adequate diet
Which of the following diseases could be caused by improper care of our sports wears?

A. Dysentery
B. Guinea worm
C. Pneumonia
D. Ring worm
E. Tape worm

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