Holiday Online Assessment Test – Senior Secondary 2 – 3

Instuctions for Senior Secondary 2 – 3 Category – Students preparing for 2019 SSCE (WASSCE and NECO)
1. Senior Secondary Students are to select and attempt 7 subjects ONLY!
2. The assessment comprises of three rounds.
3. Students will attempt 20 randomly generated objective questions for 15 minutes. When time allocated (15 minutes) elapsed, access to answer selection will be disabled. Students are to scroll down the assessment page to click the submit button.
4. You cannot change your answer after selection. Be sure before you select your answer.
5. You are advised not to guess answers. When not sure, skip to the next question. Every wrong answer selected earns a negative one mark (-1).
6. Students can attempt the assessment ONCE! in each round.
7. Results of participating students in each round of assessment will be published on this portal.
8. Student’s score, questions attempted, selected answer and correct answer with explanations (step-by-step solutions) will be displayed on the screen after submission. A printable copy of the performance report will be emailed to the email address used during registration to enable parent print out the performance report. This is to allow students monitor their performance and prepare very well for the next round. This also assist parent to monitor the performance of their ward.
9. Certificate of Performance will be given to students that attain 15-20 mark in each subject. Certificate Download link will appear on your screen for you to download (in PDF) and a copy sent to your email address inbox.
10. Students are advised to work on their own.
11. Kindly scroll down this page to select available subjects for Junior Secondary 2 – 3 Category

Holiday Online Assessment Test – Senior Secondary 2 – 3 (1st Round)Make sure you’re ready to take the assessment test before you click on the subject link. Your time starts immediately you click on any of the subjects below:

English Language – Click Here to Begin
Mathematics – Click Here to Begin
Physics – Click Here to Begin
Chemistry – Click Here to Begin
Biology – Click Here to Begin
Economics – Click Here to Begin
Computer Studies – Click Here to Begin
Government – Click Here to Begin
Civic Education – Click Here to Begin
Commerce – Click Here to Begin
Agricultural Science – Click Here to Begin
Financial Accounting – Click Here to Begin
Literature-In-English – Click Here to Begin
Food and Nutrition – Click Here to Begin
Test of Orals – Click Here to Begin