July 21, 2018

Holiday Online Assessment Test – Senior Secondary 2 and 3 Category

Hello, welcome to the Holiday Online Assessment Portal for students in Senior Secondary 2 and 3. Scroll down this page to read up instructions.

The holiday online assessment test will be conducted in three rounds. The first round of tests will hold between August 5th to 14th, 2019. 2nd round will hold between August 16th to 23rd, 2019 and the third round will hold between August 25th to 31st, 2019.

The first round of assessment tests is FREE! An assessment fee of N1000 (One Thousand Naira ONLY) applies to 2nd and 3rd round of assessment tests. The assessment fee covers both 2nd and 3rd rounds of assessment tests in all Senior Secondary Category Subjects, i.e. you pay N1000 (One Thousand Naira ONLY) ONCE!

The first round of assessment tests can be assessed ONCE only, i.e. you can attempt each subject ONCE, thereafter access will be denied, BUT you can access subjects in the 2nd and 3rd round twice ONLY. NB: Students are encouraged to revised each subject and read topics not covered in the classroom before attempting the quiz.

A comprehensive performance report will be displayed on the screen immediately after submission, a printable copy will be sent to the email address used during registration.

Holiday Online Assessment Test – Senior Secondary 2 – 3 (1st Round) August 5th to 14th 2019 – for FREE!
English Language – 1st Round
Mathematics – 1st Round
Physics – 1st Round
Chemistry – 1st Round
Biology – 1st Round
Economics – 1st Round
Computer Studies – 1st Round
Government – 1st Round
Civic Education – 1st Round
Commerce – 1st Round
Agricultural Science – 1st Round
Financial Accounting – 1st Round
Literature-In-English – 1st Round
Food and Nutrition – 1st Round
Test of Orals – 1st Round
Bookkeeping – 1st Round
Data Processing – 1st Round
Further Mathematics – 1st Round
Marketing – 1st Round
Fisheries – 1st Round
Animal Husbandry – 1st Round
Dyeing and Bleaching – 1st Round
Christian Religious Studies – 1st Round
Technical Drawing – 1st Round

Holiday Online Assessment Test – Senior Secondary 2 – 3 (2nd Round) August 16th to 23rd 2019
English Language – 2nd Round
Mathematics – 2nd Round
Physics – 2nd Round
Chemistry – 2nd Round
Biology – 2nd Round
Economics – 2nd Round
Computer Studies – 2nd Round
Government – 2nd Round
Civic Education – 2nd Round
Commerce – 2nd Round
Agricultural Science – 2nd Round
Financial Accounting – 2nd Round
Literature-In-English – 2nd Round
Food and Nutrition – 2nd Round
Test of Orals – 2nd Round
Bookkeeping – 2nd Round
Data Processing – 2nd Round
History – 2nd Round
Further Mathematics – 2nd Round
Marketing – 2nd Round
Fisheries – 2nd Round
Animal Husbandry – 2nd Round
Dyeing and Bleaching – 2nd Round
Christian Religious Studies – 2nd Round
Technical Drawing – 2nd Round

Holiday Online Assessment Test – Senior Secondary 2 – 3 (3rd Round) August 25th to 31st 2019
English Language – 3rd Round
Mathematics – 3rd Round
Physics – 3rd Round
Chemistry – 3rd Round
Biology – 3rd Round
Economics – 3rd Round
Computer Studies – 3rd Round
Government – 3rd Round
Civic Education – 3rd Round
Commerce – 3rd Round
Agricultural Science – 3rd Round
Financial Accounting – 3rd Round
Literature-In-English – 3rd Round
Food and Nutrition – 3rd Round
Test of Orals – 3rd Round
Bookkeeping – 3rd Round
Data Processing – 3rd Round

History – 3rd Round
Further Mathematics – 3rd Round
Marketing – 3rd Round
Fisheries – 3rd Round
Animal Husbandry – 3rd Round
Dyeing and Bleaching – 3rd Round
Christian Religious Studies – 3rd Round
Technical Drawing – 3rd Round